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Episode 82 – Odds and Ends: Comic Con Trailers, Batman Killing Joke, and more.


Welcome back to Sci Fi Onscreen! This week, in a shorter episode, i’ll be talking about my take on the shovelful of trailers that came out of Comic Con, and also some short reviews of Batman the Killing Joke, Hardcore Henry, and ID4: Regurgence, umm, I mean Resurgence.

Episode 62 – The SF Chamber Piece – Ex Machina vs. Gattaca

SF Chamber Piece

Welcome back to Sci Fi Onscreen!  This week I will attempt a new type of episode and talk about a type of film, and compare two examples of such in more of an overview than scene-by-scene.  Hope you enjoy it!

Episode 54 – The Star Wars Prequels Reconsidered


Welcome back to Sci Fi Onscreen.  This week, a special episode about my reassessment of the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy: it’s all about genre.  As we are smack dab in the middle of Star Wars mania, I thought it might be a good time to hold forth on why I don’t mind watching the Prequels.

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Episode 4 – Star Wars Lightsaber Duels Countdown

Welcome back to another episode of Sci Fi Onscreen!  This week I analyze and rank the lightsaber duels of the Star Wars live action films from least to best and move for move.

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I hope you enjoy the show and Happy Holidays to everyone!

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About the Podcast

Hi everyone.  My name is Jeff Palermo and this is my new podcast!  This brief intro is about the podcast and a bit about me.  Soon to follow are the full length episodes.