Episode 108 – Alien: Covenant (2017)

Welcome back to Sci-Fi Onscreen! This week I will be doing a scene by scene analysis of the latest installment in the Alien Franchise, Ridley Scott’s follow up to Prometheus: Alien Covenant.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 108 – Alien: Covenant (2017)

  1. Dallas Nostromo

    I saw this film in the theater and nearly walked out as I was so disappointed with what I was seeing. As a huge fan of the first two films in the franchise, this was the number one film of 2017 that I was looking forward to. With expectations high I’m sure any film would have had a difficult time meeting them but this movie truly experienced major engine failure in my opinion. I think what frustrated me the most was both the high predictability of the film and how much it copied 1979’s Alien. Let’s see if you can guess which film I’m about to describe: A crew of a spaceship receives a signal of unknown origin and changes coarse to investigate. They land on a planet and a member of the crew becomes infected with an alien species. They bring it back to their mother ship and are soon hunted by an alien creature which is eventually blasted into outer space. The answer of course is I’m describing both Alien & Alien Covenant. I was trying to decide who to blame for this film and I guess the writers are mostly at fault but you’d think Ridley Scott would have requested the script be re-written so he’s partially to blame as well. Thanks for letting me vent.


    1. Jeffry Palermo Post author

      Could not agree more! In the podcast I talk about how much better the film Life was than Alien: Covenant; proving, to me, that the children of Alien and Ridley are doing this playbook better than he is now. With his clout and pedigree, I wish he’d rather make his legacy with some new original content, rather than continuing to pollute the franchise with this overbaked crap.


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