Other Sites To Check Out


Take Me To Your Reader – Seth and Co. compare movies to the books they came from
Decipher SciFi
Liberty Street Geek – your one stop shopping for all things genre related.
The Obsessive Viewer Podcast
Anthology Podcast – Matt from Obsessive Viewer looks at TV anthologies, notably the Twilight Zone
Tower Junkies – concerned with all things Stephen King
Weekly Planet – a fun roundtable of the weeks genre happenings
Hugo’s There – podcast talking about the Hugo Award winning novels


Hardcore History – Dan’s main site with links to Hardcore History and Common Sense
Slate’s Spoiler Specials – Led by the irrepressible Dana Stevens
Podcast Answerman – Cliff Ravenscraft’s site.  The main source I used to build my podcast and site.  Cliff’s info is very current and he’s responsive to questions.  Don’t build a podcast without him!

Letterboxd Reviewers of Note

MPS – high quality New Yorker-level reviews on most new films


Libsyn – where I store my media files
Patreon – crowdfunding site that I use
Everlasting Teas – great site for organic tea
Tim Graham Design – Tim designed my logo – link to his page!

2 thoughts on “Other Sites To Check Out

  1. Paul

    Hello Jeffry I don’t usually contact people in regards to Podcasts etc but just wanted say how much I’m enjoying your podcast. Your program has been great and has reminded me of a few films I need to revisit or even to find a couple I haven’t seen. I listened to your Abyss episode today and while I have watched it multiple times you’ve inspired me to be look it up again this weekend.
    James Cameron was great at having us care for the characters even in the midst of the some of the more fantastic moments. E.g The resuscitation scene. Ed Harris….Brilliant.
    Anyway thanks again keep up the good work I will be a Patreon patron soon.



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